Mexico sells record 1.6 million vehicles in 2016

Nissan continued to lead the Mexican market with a 25 percent market share with just over 400,000 unit sales in 2016.
Auto sales in Mexico rose 20 percent in December vs. a year earlier to 192,567 vehicles on their way to a 19 percent gain for 2016 at a record 1.6 million units, the dealers association and the industry association said in a joint statement.
Nissan Motor Co. continued to lead the local market with a 25 percent market share with just over 400,000 unit sales, the Mexican Automobile Distributors Association and the Mexico Automotive Industry Association said late Wednesday.
General Motors was in second place, with a 19 percent share (309,000 sales). Volkswagen group came in third with a 15 percent share (247,000 sales), the industry groups said.
Auto sales in Mexico have been fueled in recent years by sharp growth in automaker financing, low interest rates and fiercely competitive pricing as more brands have arrived, such as Kia and Hyundai, which captured about 6 percent of the market between them last year.
Toyota was one of the biggest movers in 2016 with a 24 percent increase in sales over 2015 to about 105,000 cars and light trucks. That was good for fourth place with a 6.5 percent share of the Mexican market.

Fuente: Autonews

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