How an Atlanta dealership acquired a Chevy Bolt six months early

Six months before it was slated to hit dealerships in Georgia, a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt arrived at an Atlanta dealership. How? It was driven there, of course.
Mark Frost, vice president of operations at Jim Ellis Chevrolet Atlanta, personally acquired the highly anticipated electric vehicle from a dealership in Santa Barbara, Calif., where the car has been available since December.
“I’m probably gonna be in trouble for this a little bit, but we have so many people here asking about it,” Frost said in a phone interview. “It just seemed like a natural thing to do.”
Though dealerships aren’t supposed to exchange vehicles before a state is cleared for sale by the company, Frost found a loophole by purchasing the EV through his niece’s husband. After the vehicle was trucked to Georgia, he then sold the car to his own dealership for the same price.
“I didn’t charge them a markup,” he joked.
A GM spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment.
This isn’t the first time Frost struck while the electrified-vehicle iron was hot. When the gasoline-electric Volt was released in 2010, he trekked to Long Island and purchased two for his dealership.
“The reality in the Atlanta market is there’s a very enthusiastic EV market here,” Frost said. “So we decided, since a lot of people already have deposits on a waiting list, if you will, for 20 people committed to buy one or lease one, why not get one for them to test drive and then go from there?”
The Bolt has a sticker price of $37,495, including shipping, and offers a EPA-certified range of 238 miles per charge. It’s not clear yet what dealers in Georgia will be charging for the vehicle.
Chevy sold 2,693 Bolts from December through February. Sales began initially in California and Oregon before expanding to New York and several other East Coast states. Nationwide availability is expected by September.
Fuente: AutomotiveNews