Genesis fashions itself as South Korea's Tesla

Luxury brand’s new products take aim at Tesla

SEOUL — Hyundai Motor Group’s plan to create a spectrum of green vehicles will extend to its budding Genesis luxury brand, which will receive a plug-in hybrid and an electric vehicle in the next four years.
The products should help the new luxury contender fashion itself as South Korea’s riposte to upscale Tesla.
The plug-in hybrid will enter the Genesis lineup in 2019 and the EV will follow in 2021, global brand chief Manfred Fitzgerald said last week at the Seoul Motor Show.
Genesis is fleshing out its fledgling model range. In September, it will add the G70 sport sedan, the third of six nameplates planned by 2020. The G70 will complete a sedan lineup topped by the G90 and G80.
Still on tap are a coupe and two crossovers, Fitzgerald said.
The plug-in hybrid will be based on an existing Genesis nameplate, while the EV will represent a new dedicated EV platform Hyundai Motor Group is developing, Fitz-gerald said.
The EV will be a new nameplate that extends the Genesis lineup beyond the six promised, Fitzgerald said. A second EV also might be introduced after 2021, he added.
That second EV could be based on another platform. Fitzgerald said the company is considering two EV architectures: one for small- and medium-sized vehicles, another for larger ones.
Fitzgerald declined to say what body type the first EV will be, but said the all-electric layout gives “design total liberty to do something we haven’t done before.”
Fitzgerald also wouldn’t identify what nameplate would get the plug-in hybrid variant. But he envisions plug-in hybrid technology spreading across the lineup.
“We’re going to try to bring to our entire lineup electrification,” Fitzgerald said. “So, you’ll take this step by step — a transition technology will be plug-in before you arrive at a full EV.”
Genesis wants to leapfrog standard hybrid systems because plug-in hybrids offer better electric-only driving range and because Genesis can absorb their higher cost better than volume brands can, he said.
In January, Hyundai Motor Group’s eco-car boss said Genesis can expect to have as many as three EV models by 2025, with the first arriving around 2020.
Additional EV nameplates will arrive at around three-year intervals, said Lee Ki-sang, senior vice president at Hyundai Motor Group’s Eco Technology Center.
The Genesis entries will be dedicated stand-alone EVs on a new electric-only platform being developed, he said.
The goal, he said, is a flagship Genesis EV that can outperform the best from Tesla and others.
Source: Automotive News