F 015 Luxury in Motion

A revolutionary approach reinvents the automobile from the inside out.
Mercedes-Benz invented the automobile. With autonomous driving, Mercedes-Benz invents the automobile again, creating a new relationship between the automobile and its passengers. Every nascent automotive technology imaginable culminates in a vehicle that drives itself, allows easy remote control of key journey functions, eliminates the need to constantly enter data for navigation, and finds its own parking spot. For Mercedes-Benz, the F 015 Luxury in Motion conceives a future that prioritizes safety, comfort, access and simplicity. Yet not all is lost for those who love driving – there is still a steering wheel and familiar pedals for traditional driving, with autonomous features providing information and assistance.
Technology takes on the routine tasks to liberate the driver.
To be capable of fully autonomous driving, a vehicle must understand the environment, know the roads, accurately predict road changes, obstacles and pedestrians. Mercedes-Benz integrates the most sophisticated hardware, software and connectivity in the F 015 Luxury in Motion to ensure a safe and relaxing trip. Maps provide 3D data, replacing with actual route requirements. Real-time information comes from a wide stereo camera, three long-range radar sensors, four short range radar sensors at the corners, a camera that detects traffic light colors and a rear window camera. This sensor array allows comparing physical features to the digital data and detect changes in traffic and road conditions.
Massive LED arrays keep the outside world informed about the car’s motion.
The F 015 Luxury in Motion doesn’t simply drive itself – the vehicle communicates with pedestrians and other vehicles through LED displays on the outside of the vehicle. Pedestrians know that the car “sees” them and are presented with lights to guide their path; vehicles in back know what’s ahead of the F 015 Luxury in Motion. Brake lights become a historical artifact when much more informative messages appear in front of following drivers – what was originally communicated with arm signals and then simple on/off lights has evolved to assist outside the vehicle.
Emissions and resource usage jet to zero.
Planning the future of automotive travel includes planning for a future with lower pollution and use of abundant, sustainable energy resources. The F 015 Luxury in Motion comprehends this future with the world’s first hybrid F-cell/electric powertrain. A trip through the desert presents no challenge – 684 mile capacity and the option to plug in along the way if that’s not enough. And that is 684 miles of travel without carbon emissions polluting the desert. And at home, the electric battery can be recharged without cables and home wiring.
Augmented reality, digital screens everywhere and internet data create a new interior experience.
Autonomous driving lets front seat passengers swivel seats to chat with rear passengers while the car takes on the challenges of driving. Augmented reality enhances the group experience with real-time information and visual displays. Information projects onto the entire windscreen surface letting driver and passengers obtain information that is location-specific, like where to stop for the best lunch. Six screens further enhance the experience, turning the interior into an interactive digital space. Here the augmented reality is combined with eye tracking, touch and gestures, displaying content based on where the occupants look and how they move.

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Source: mbrdna.com