Vin Diesel and Dodge finally make the partnership official

Thanks to The Fast and the Furious franchise, actor Vin Diesel is nearly synonymous with muscle cars, in particular those from Dodge and SRT. The partnership is finally official, with Diesel appearing in a number of new ads for the automaker. Three new spots, titled “Rally Cry,” “Monsters,” and “Shepherd,” showcase Dodge’s entire product line, including the nearly forgotten Journey crossover. We can only assume it’s taken the Viper’s place in the automaker’s lineup, as the soon departed coupe is nowhere to be seen.

Rally Cry | Brotherhood of Muscle | Dodge

Another missing element is the recently revealed Dodge Demon. Presumably, Dodge felt three months of teasers and a good bit of New York Auto Show coverage were sufficient advertisement for the car. Plus, we can’t count on the Demon to go around a corner the same way that some of the cars in this ad do. It’s hard to turn with two wheels in the air.

Monsters | Brotherhood of Muscle | Dodge

Advertisement or not, it’s always great to hear a soundtrack of big, V8 muscle. Plus, this only further feeds into Vin Diesel v. The Rock, as the latter has been promoting Ford products for the past few years.
Fuente: Auto Blog