Sphero launches Ultimate Lightning McQueen app-controlled car

Disney and Pixar’s Cars 3 comes out in theaters on June 16, but if you can’t wait for that sweet, animated automotive drama, you can bring the action home with the Ultimate Lightning McQueen app-controlled car. It’s made by Sphero, the same company that partnered with Disney to create the remote controlled BB-8 droid. This newest toy is a child of the same partnership.

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The toy version of Cars star Lightning McQueen features animated LED eyes, an animatronic mouth that syncs with his voice, and an articulated “emotive suspension” that brings the car to life. He’s an interactive little guy, reacting to your touch, and will move and talk depending where on his body you tap.
Instead of a traditional radio control, you control McQueen through an app on your Android or iPhone. As Engadget points out, it provides a training mode that allows you to quickly learn how to master the controls. The app also includes games and activities, including animations you can select for him to act out. Lightning McQueen will even watch the Cars movies with you, and provide his own commentary, which is pretty creepy cool.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen will set you back $300, but it’s almost like having a movie star come live with you, only without the late night partying and paparazzi presence. While a bit steep, that price tag probably won’t be a deal-breaker for die-hard fans of the Cars franchise or Sphero toys.
Source: Autoblog