Leaked Tesla product sheet reveals Model 3's performance, range

As we approach the official launch of the Tesla Model 3, we can expect information to emerge through official channels or otherwise.

The following details fall under the “otherwise” category, as a member of the Model 3 Owners Club forum (allegedly an “inside source”) leaked a product sheet comparing the Model 3 to the Model S, as Inside EVs reports. Interestingly, the chart seems to be more of an attempt to sell the Model S than the newer, smaller vehicle.
Let’s start with the key Model 3 details:

  • 0-60 miles per hour: 5.6 seconds
  • Driving range: 215+ miles
  • Overall length: 184.8 inches
  • Total cargo volume, front and rear trunks: 14 cubic feet

Here’s the full chart:

The other product comparisons seem to be really trying to steer customers toward the more expensive Model S, noting that it has over 1,500 possible configurations, compared to less than 100 in the Model 3. The S gets free Supercharging (if the customer uses a referral when purchasing), while the 3 is pay-per-use. The chart even distinguishes wait times for delivery, which are 30 days or less for the S, and more than a year for the 3. Then there’s the “Premium Features” box, which is left entirely blank for the Model 3. That means it won’t get a Smart Air Suspension, auto-presenting door handles, or HEPA filter (which means no Bioweapon Defense Mode). At least Autopilot will be as good.
Even on Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has told at least one excited potential Model 3 customer that they’d be better off in a new Model S.
Source: Reuters