Opel presents holy-white Ampera-e EV to Pope Francis

General Motors’ European affiliate Opel has presented Pope Francis with an Ampera-e electric vehicle. It’s part of a broader program for the Vatican City to make its transportation more environmentally sustainable. The Ampera-e is the sister vehicle to the Chevrolet Bolt, which debuted in the US late last year.

Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann recently presented keys to the Ampera-e at the Laudato Si sustainability conference. In addition to Opel providing the EV, Italy-based Enel is working on a sustainable mobility program with the Vatican. Take a look at Opel’s press release here and check out a photo gallery of the vehicle here.
The Ampera-e represents a far cry from the heavy SUVs that have been traditionally used to ferry the pope. The EV can go about 323 miles on a full electric charge, per the more generous European cycle.
Vehicles associated with the Pope can be particularly valuable. Last year, a Fiat 500L that transported Pope Frances through his Philadelphia visit sold for $82,000, or about four times sticker price. The proceeds were slated to go towards the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
PSA announced in March that it would acquire Opel as well as GM’s Vauxhall division for about $2 billion. The combined company will be Europe’s second-largest automaker behind Volkswagen.

Source: Autoblog