300,000th Mercedes-Benz G-Class built after 38 years

After nearly 40 years of production, the 300,000th Mercedes-Benz G-Class has rolled off the line. The iconic Geländewagen, or G-Wagen for short, was never intended to be the parking lot prowler for Newport Nancys and Santa Monica Sallys. It started life as a lowly work truck and military vehicle before being adopted as another stylish accessory. While modern versions come with high-quality leather interiors, xenon headlights, and garish chrome brush guards, the basic body-on-frame platform remains the same as it was in 1979.
For its entire life, Mercedes has outsourced G-Class production to Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. Since then, there’s been a non-stop flood of variants, from stripped-down drop-tops to the nigh unstoppable G63 6×6 to the luxurious Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. There seems to be a flavor of G-Class for everyone, at least if you can afford its six-digit starting price. Hand-built luxury SUVs apparently don’t come cheap.
The 300,000th G-Class to roll of the line is a non-AMG G500 painted Designo Mauritius Blue Metallic and trimmed with black leather seats and contrasting white stitching. This model also features the off-road package, adding mean-looking 16-inch wheels, knobby tires, and a roof rack. The combination was voted for by fans on the G-Class Facebook fan page. The car will be on display for the next few months. You can keep tabs on the G-Class through its own hashtag, #Gventure300k.
As iconic and popular as the G-Wagen is today, it wasn’t even officially sold in the US until 2002. Sales worldwide have grown since 2009, with more than 20,000 units sold in 2016. Every model year since 2012 has been a sales record. A new, more modern and almost assuredly more refined model is on the way, but the charming original will always hold a place in the hearts of SUV and German-car enthusiasts.
Fuente: AutoBlog