Yep, a Tesla Model S fits in a Boring Company tunnel

There are few people who can compete with President Trump’s ability to own a news cycle via their own social media feeds, but tech darling Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of them.
On Sunday, Musk set the Internet abuzz when he uploaded to Instagram a photo of a Tesla Model S sedan sitting snug inside a tunnel. Not just any tunnel, mind you — this is the test tunnel Musk’s Boring Company has dug underneath its Los Angeles headquarters to test his vision for high-speed underground travel.

Recall that Musk’s vision calls for cars, bikes and pedestrians to be shuttled via elevators to subterranean tunnels where they would be placed on electric-powered skates that would whisk them at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. (The car’s clearly not sitting on a skate in this photo. Looks like maybe a slab of plywood.) The whole arrangement is intended to bypass Los Angeles’ infamously heinous traffic congestion.
It’s not clear where Musk’s plans fall with the complicated permitting process he’ll need to navigate with various government agencies. The first leg of his network is supposed to run from Los Angeles International Airport to Culver City, Santa Monica, Westwood and Sherman Oaks.
Fuente: AutoBlog