Chicago mechanics OK contract, return to work after strike

Mechanics at Chicago-area new-car dealerships returned to work on Monday after agreeing to a new four-year contract on Sunday, ending a strike that lasted about seven weeks.
The strike, which began Aug. 1, involved about 2,000 mechanics at 129 dealerships. The walkout stalled major auto repairs at the affected stores.
“We’re extremely happy that the strike’s over but extremely disappointed for the inconvenience that was put upon the dealers, the striking workers and consumers,” said a spokesman for Automobile Mechanics’ Local 701, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.
At the top of union’s list of sticking points were work schedules, uncompensated time and lack of a clear path toward a career in the profession.
Mechanics’ base pay will increase two hours under the new contract, and they will receive wage increases, the Tribune reported.
Fuente: Automotive News