Ford extends paid leave for mothers of new children, adds time off for fathers

Ford Motor Co. is expanding paid time for mothers of newborns and newly adopted children, and is introducing paid time off for fathers as part of an updated health plan, the automaker said Wednesday.
Mothers can now take an additional 10 days off any time in the first year of their child’s birth or adoption, or they can add the 10 days to their already allowed six to eight weeks of maternity leave.
In addition, Ford will — for the first time — offer 10 days of paid time off for fathers any point during the first year following a child’s birth or adoption.
The additions come amid a national conversation about the need for mandatory paid leave for new parents. The Trump administration earlier this year proposed a budget that would mandate six weeks of paid leave for fathers and mothers of new children.
Ford, in a statement, said the new benefits are part of a shift away from “offering just a standard health plan to a more holistic approach focused on individual well-being.” As part of that shift, Ford is updating its Dearborn, Mich., headquarters offices with treadmill desks and ergonomically designed workstations that are meant to encourage workers to move around during the day. Ford has also added “reflection rooms” so workers can pray or meditate.
Ford is planning to showcase these efforts on Friday when it hosts yoga on the lawn of the Dearborn Glass House campus. The event, in partnership with Wanderlust — which holds yoga events and festivals across the globe — will also feature meditation, coloring tables and an oxygen bar.
Hundreds of employees are expected to attend, the automaker said
Fuente: Automotive News