PSA partners with Huawei in connected-car software

PARIS – PSA Group will develop a secure connected vehicle system in a new partnership with Chinese telecoms company Huawei Technologies.
“Our partnership with Huawei is about connected vehicle development platforms,” PSA engineering chief Gilles Le Borgne said at a mobility-themed event on Tuesday.
The new services on offer will include remote vehicle diagnostics, over-the-air software updates and car-sharing capabilities. The first services will be rolled out next year in Europe and China.
Among other services will be remote battery charging and pre-heating, traffic information and navigation, and customized on-board services such as personal assistant solutions.
The platform is called the Connected Vehicle Modular Platform (CVMP). It will ensure that “all digital interactions between the car and the cloud are managed securely while at the same time guaranteeing data integrity, authenticity and confidentiality,” PSA said in a statement.
Fuente: Automotive News Europe